life in black & white

the blog has been quiet lately, such as my life. i am on winter break and thoroughly enjoying every single minute. it seems the holiday always comes just in time. these are just a few of my favorite snapshots from the past month or so. i am having a love affair with all things black and white. all about simplicity. xx

pumpkin garden

this has shaped up to be the perfect fall weekend. it started off with our annual trip to the “pumpkin garden” and ended with the 1978 version of halloween and pumpkin beer. that crisp breeze has arrived that means fall is in full swing. i am relishing in every moment, because it never seems to last long enough. xx

let’s go camping


with cooler days ahead i am itching to drag out the camping gear and hit the woods! i think there is something magical about being out in nature. these images capture that magic perfectly. now if mother nature would decide to play along and bring on the autumnal weather i will be one happy camper! xx

just do it

after years of hoarding vintage with the hopes of owning my own shop, and the realization that i am almost 32 years old and my odds are getting slim, i decided to do something about it. i am sharing a booth with a good friend at my favorite local antique store. it’s not much, just a small space with a clothing rack. but, for me , it is kind of a big deal. i am a big dreamer and rarely take steps toward making those dreams a reality. so, here’s to getting older and taking chances! xx

too soon?

give me fall

admittedly a little too early to be planning for the autumnal season. i just can’t help it! i live for fall! it never seems quite long enough and where i live we don’t exactly see the perfect fall scenario with bright reds and oranges.  but, i’ll take what i can get. until then, i will be dreaming of candy corn, apple picking, and lots of layers…and boots!!! xoxo